3030 Aria Black Boot

3030 Aria Black Boot

Quick Overview

Introducing our new lightweight skate, Aria. Advanced, sleek and strong. The micro-internal midsole keeps you closer to the ice and reduces weight. TriFusion triple reinforcement provides the firmest support. Genuine Kangaroo leather wraps your feet in smooth, supple comfort. Cork midsoles & heels reduce weight and provide impact absorption. Exclusive features : Open Throat Design, Flex Notch, Anti-Rotational Lace Bar, Lightweight Cork, Forefoot Flex, Hand-Rolled Collar, Higher Toe Box Design, Quilted Tongue Pad Stitching, Genuine Kangaroo Leather Lining

Skate Skill Level

Double, triple and quad jumps


White or Black

Boot Support Level

100 – Extra Firm