• Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium
    Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium is designed for the most demanding freestyle skater.
  • Eclipse Infinity Titanium
    Eclipse Infinity Titanium gives the Skater powerful transfer of energy to the edges and provides wonderful control.
  • Eclipse Quantum
    New !! The first aluminum blade that doesn’t need a specialty jig for sharpening so that you can get a consistent, long lasting sharpening without hassle and focus on what matters - defying gravity.
  • Eclipse Pinnacle
    Reach the peak of performance with the Eclipse Pinnacle, designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater.
  • Eclipse Infinity
    Designed to achieve greater transfer of energy with maximum control, the Eclipse Infinity will help freestyle skaters exceed their goals.
  • Eclipse Dance
    To achieve greater control on the ice, the Eclipse Dance provides angled front and back stanchions.
  • Eclipse Aurora
    Stainless Steel Blade. Holds edges longer!
  • Eclipse Volant
    Just as Volant means to “take flight,” the Eclipse Volant lets skaters reach new heights.
  • Eclipse Cosmos
    Designed for the rapidly improving instructional skater or beginning competitive skater doing single and double jumps.
  • Eclipse Vesta
    The Eclipse Vesta is the blade for skaters with an inner fire to reach their skating dreams.
  • Eclipse Astra
    Astra is the entry-level blade in the Eclipse line.